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Dr. Ariel Cortes

Dr. Ariel CortesDr. Cortes earned his medical degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and completed his residency at the University of California – San Diego. He has been in practice since 1999, and his experience in medicine is diverse and extensive. He has practiced in urban and rural settings, and has served as Public Health Officer, Civil Surgeon, and Medical Director. His military experience includes service in the U.S. Army as medic for a helicopter ambulance unit. He has a special interest in procedures, women’s health, and skin care, though continues to practice the full spectrum of family medicine.  He has been the medical director for Neu Look since 2007.Dr. Cortes is married with three children and enjoys family time, most of all.  His other interests include running, biking, snowboarding, motorcycling, music writing, and photography.