Unnatural Lips

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Duck Lips…?

A couple years ago one of the biggest trends was getting huge lips, duck lips as some would call them, because of celebrities like Kylie Jenner. But now the natural look is becoming a trend again, which means there’s a lot of providers are doing lip correction procedures. It has become a more popular treatment of our facility as well. One of the biggest sayings in our spa is quality over quantity. Whether that is only doing natural styled lips with our injections, to the product that we use in the lip. A lot of the time patients who come in for lip correction have gone to facilities who do the procedure at a lower cost, are in a different country, or to providers who are not as experienced as our Nurse Practitioner, Gita. That is why we stress the experience and skill that Gita has, to all our patients who come in and ensure the high quality of the experience we provide.

Quality Over Quantity

I understand that everyone has a budget when it comes to aesthetics and cannot spend an unlimited amount of money for their fillers and lips. I completely understand that however quality over quantity once again. Your lips are one of the center points of your face and so it is imperative you go to someone who knows what they are doing. Make sure that your provider is familiar with the different lip filler products and knows which one is best for lips. On Instagram I see a lot of influencers and everyday people that get lip fillers and a popular one I have seen is Juvederm Voluma for the lip. But, as our NP Gita has stated, that product is a bit too thick for the lip area and can result in overly big lips as well as bumpy lips.

Personalized Treatments at Neu Look

When her patients come in and are unhappy with their lips, Gita always asks what their concern is with them. It ranges anywhere from their lips feel bumpy or they’re lopsided or they felt as though there wasn’t enough or too much product. The first thing that Gita always reminds our patients is that everyone is asymmetrical and so there will always be one side of your lip that differs from the other. But providers should be able to identify that and correct it rather than inject in a way that makes it more prevalent. When it comes to hyaluronic acid based fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, there is a product by the name of hyaluronidase that can melt the product. This is ideal when providers inject too much product in one area or if the lips end up bumpy. It just melts the product and you will be left with your natural lip. Once all the product is melted, you will be able to get injectables seven days after. Then Gita will be able to use the proper lip filler and inject it in a way to achieve the patient’s desires.

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Gita’s main goal is to always please her patients and help them achieve the aesthetic looks they are striving to have. If you are looking to plump your lips or make them symmetrical, but still keep them natural, then Gita is the provider to go to. Call us at (858) 538-5665 to schedule an appointment for your lip correction!



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Moe Abdou

Advisor, Founder of 33voices

Moe Abdou is an advisor to Neu Look Med Spa & Skin Center, as well as the founder and CEO of 33voices.com, a global conversation about things that matter in business and in life. Nothing gives me greater inspiration than being around great people doing extraordinary things. My highest goal is to contribute to the success of entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and highly accomplished individuals. We created - www33voices.com - as a dynamic knowledge network to help entrepreneurs improve the odds of success. Beyond Wealth Sports evolved from our desire to create a new approach for professional athletes to think, grow and live. I spent 20+ years growing a wealth management firm. In my capacity as Managing Partner, my unique abilities focused on developing leadership talent, identifying and growing a significant sales team and expanding our capabilities to add greater value to an affluent client base. My greatest contribution today comes from partnering with influential thought leaders to help them spread their ideas and create useful tools and resources that will help promising entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their businesses. Specialties: content creator, leadership and management development, sales process consulting, entrepreneurial mentoring, youth mentoring, and thought leadership. Over the years, Gita and with the help of her staff have established over 8,000 happy clients. (November 2012)“I love people, especially our guests at Neu Look! My mission is for everyone who walks through my doors to have a great experience. I love my patients! It’s always about them, their needs, and desires.” Gita and her staff work diligently to keep their clients completely happy, resulting in friends and family referrals. Today, most new clients come from word of mouth.

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Dr. Eizadi


Since completing her DDS degree at Gazi university in Turkey, Dr. Eizadi has received her advanced dentistry DDS degree from Iran/Meli University Dental school. Dr. Eizadi has completed hundreds of hours continued education in order to better serve her patients. Dr. Eizadi’s priority is to making a comfortable space for her patients. She believes every patient should receive only the highest quality. Children love the way she communicates with them and makes them feel secure in the dental chair Dentists in Del Mar, California – Why Dr. E. is Your Best Choice 20 years of experience Minimizes patients’ fears of dentistry There is no wait, every patient is immediately taken care of, and treated with the respect and care every person deserves Honest diagnostics and procedures are taken and given Financial issues are taken care of and every patient has the opportunity to get the care they need We pride ourselves on using the best materials, the latest techniques and the most qualified dental laboratories.

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We are open Monday - Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm, and Saturday 10:00 am- 3:00pm, with private appointments by request.

Gift certificates are available. Packages are designed for each individual to meet the best result and saving money.

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About Us

About Neu Look Med Spa and Skin Center

Neu Look is a Med Spa and Skin Center located in Torrey Highlands in San Diego. The Neu Look team is dedicated to helping our clients meet their individual skin desires through a variety of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. We put our clients first, doing everything we can to make their visit to our office as pleasant and productive as possible.


The History of Neu Look in San Diego

Neu Look was founded in 2003 by Gita Izadi. Gita is a nurse family practitioner who moved to San Diego in 1997, and after gaining valuable experience in a hospitals and clinics she decided to start her own med spa and skin care clinic.

Neu Look started from humble beginnings, opening in a small space that was shared with a hair salon and another med spa. After 9 months, the space could not contain Neu Look and she moved the business to its current location at 7805 Highland Village Place in Torrey Highlands. In 2009, Neu Look underwent an expansion project, allowing them to help more people in San Diego.

About Our Location in Torrey Highlands, San Diego

Neu Look Med Spa and Skin Center is located in Torrey Highlands, an up and coming neighborhood in North County, San Diego. We pride ourselves in having a beautiful and calming office, enabling clients to immediately feel a sense of serenity once they enter our offices. We want every client to leave the Neu Look office 100% satisfied, and that is why we go the extra mile to make our office look and feel great.

About Neu Look’s Founder, Gita Izadi

Gita Izadi is a Nurse Family Practitioner who has over 14 years of experience in cosmetic medicine since opening Neu Look in 2003. Gita specializes in laser skin treatments and dermal fillers, providing her the expertise needed to help clients look their very best. She also is very involved in the Torrey Highlands and San Diego community, giving back by contributing her time to a number of local charities.

Contact Neu Look Med Spa and Skin Center in San Diego

Neu Look is the premier med spa and skin care center in San Diego, offering clients unmatched results at an affordable price. Come by our lovely and peaceful office in Torrey Highlands for a consultation, and we can help determine the best services and treatments for you. Neu Look also is available for group or private Botox or Filler parties and gathering. If you are interested in learning more, contact Neu Look today. Give us a call at (858) 538-5665.

Our Team

Picture of Gita Izadi

Gita Izadi

Founder, NFP

Gita is a Nurse Family Practitioner with 14+ years of experience in the cosmetic field since opening Neu Look in 2003. In 1997, Gita continued her adventures and brought her talented skills over to beautiful San Diego, CA where she had the opportunity to work in multiple departments of hospitals and clinics gaining professional experience within her industry. In 2003, Gita founded Neu Look Inc. and began working in a room within a hair salon and shared space with another med spa for nine months, and finally opened up her own location at 7805 Highland Village Place. In 2009, Gita expanded her business and doubled the size of the medical spa and since then they are able to serve more people in the beautiful and peaceful office. Over the years, Gita and with the help of her staff have established over 8,000 happy clients. (November 2012)“I love people, especially our guests at Neu Look! My mission is for everyone who walks through my doors to have a great experience. I love my patients! It’s always about them, their needs, and desires.” Gita and her staff work diligently to keep their clients completely happy, resulting in friends and family referrals. Today, most new clients come from word of mouth.

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Patient Coordinator/ Makeup Artist

Sharareh moved from Iran to San Diego 10 years ago. She has been with Neu Look Med Spa for 4 years. Sharareh received her makeup training and license in Paris, France and has traveled to Turkey, London and Dubai to continue her makeup artistry education. In addition she is very talented in eyebrow shaping and threading. Sharareh is available for makeup application for brides and special events. In her free time she enjoys shopping and spending time with her family and friends.

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Coco Izadi

Chief Cuddle Officer

Coco is the official mascot of Neu Look Med Spa & Skin Center and loves to love our patients! There's no cuter pupper!

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Dr. Sunao L. Gilbert, MD

Family Medicine

Dr. Sunao Gilbert, MD is a Emergency Medicine Specialist at Neu Look Med Spa & Skin Center in Torrey Highlands, CA. She has been practicing for 20+ years and is also affiliated with Palestine Regional Medical Center. She is accepting new patients and has not yet indicated that she accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Gilbert to book an appointment.


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