Thread Lift Valentine’s Day Special!

valentines day thread lift san diego neu look med spa specials

From February 7th until the 14th (Valentine’s Day), we’ll be running a Thread Lift Special with the following deals:

  • Lifted Eyes: $499-699 (*Regularly $750)
  • Boosting Eyes: $399 (*Regularly $499)
  • Mid-Face & Jaw Lift: $1,400 (*Regularly $1,900)
  • Buy One Filler Get a Second 50% Off (*Excluding Sculptra)
  • Get 2 Kybella for $799 (*Regularly $1,200)
  • Radiesse for Hands: $550 (*Regularly $690)
  • Sculptra for Chest: $699 (*Regularly $799)


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A Little Bit About Thread Lifts

A Little Bit About Thread Lifts - Neu Look Med Spa Skin Center San Diego California

About PDO Thread Lifts…

Have you ever debated cosmetic surgery? Maybe a mini face lift or neck lift? Well, we actually have an alternative that won’t require you to go under anesthesia. We provide Thread Lifts. We have patients get Thread Lifts for their jawlines, neck, under their eyes, eyebrows, chin and cheeks. This treatment actually lifts your skin by using PDO threads. PDO threads are polydioxanone threads that are actually used in pediatric cardiac surgery. The PDO threads are FDA approved and have a long safety track record, of over ten years. There are two types of threads, barbed and smooth. The barbed thread will lift your skin and the smooth threads will stimulate collagen.

The great thing about the PDO Thread Lifts is not only do you get instant results, but your look will actually improve because of the natural protein synthesis that occurs about two weeks after the treatment. Your appearance will continue to improve, due to the Thread Lift, and you will see peak results around 6 months after your treatment. This is due to the collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production that the threads stimulate. After about three months, the threads will dissolve, because they are biodegradable. But your results will not change because by then there will be collagen, that was produced around the thread, supporting your skin. You will continue to have the desired results!

Post Thread Life Treatment Recommendations

After your Thread Lift, it’s important to avoid heavy exercise for a week, if it causes extreme facial movements. Also, avoid chewing gum for two weeks and hard foods. Only eat soft foods for a week, and be sure to sleep on your back for at least 3-4 days. All of this is to avoid the movement of the threads. Of course, during your Thread Lift your practitioner, Gita, will position them with precision. But post care of the threads is imperative. Other things to be careful about are not having facial massages, dental appointments, and not pulling or straining your face. If you follow these steps, after your treatment, you will have optimal Thread Lift results! One common side effect, from the Thread Lift, is bruising. Ways to avoid and prevent bruising include taking Arnica, avoiding alcohol and anti-inflammatory medication 48 hours prior to your Thread Lift, and also not stressing or worrying about bruising. Even in my experience, I’ve had patients with sensitive skin not bruise after a treatment because they weren’t concerned about it. Of course, everyone’s body is different and will react differently with a Thread Lift. But those are suggestions we have to avoid bruising from the treatment.

Worry-Free Thread Lifts at Neu Look Med Spa & Skin Center

If you are worried about the pain of the Thread Lift, you will be injected with lidocaine prior to the treatment. These injections will numb your face, making the Thread Lift treatment have minimal pain. So, you don’t have to have concerns about safety, pain, or bruising. And Gita has had a lot of experience doing the Thread Lift with barbed and smooth threads. Our patients are always happy with the results and if they’re not, Gita will go ahead and correct the concerns they have.

We always want our patients to be happy and satisfied! Give us a call at (858) 538-5665 to schedule a consultation or treatment appointment.