Tear Trough & Dark Circles

tear trough dark circles

Get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles!

Puffy eyes and dark circles are the most important problem that most people think only surgery can help with it. What are the causes of dark circles?

Lack of sleep can be a major contributor of the dark circles under your eyes. Occasionally, these 'dark circles' can actually just be shadows formed under your eyes due to puffy eyelids under your eyes that develop over time with age.

Causes of dark circles

Some of the most common causes of true under-eye circles are:
· Allergies
· Dermatitis
· Fatigue
· Hay fever
· Hereditary
· Pigmentation irregularity — darker skin / skin type 5 and 6
· Irritating your eyes by rubbing them
· Exposure to the sun
· Thinning skin and loss of fat and collagen


The most common reason that we have the dark circles is because over time, we lose the fat tissue under the eyes. Since we have so many capillaries in that area, they can appear dark, which won't go away with eye creams or bleaching agents. (as many people prescribe it). The best under-eye dermal fillers are Restylane Silk, Belotero Balance and Juvederm Ultra.

Gita Izadi has performed thousands of these non surgical procedures to successfully remove tear trough and dark circles. Contact us or give us a call today to schedule an appointment or if you have any other questions regarding this procedure! 858.538.5665

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